The Bandoneon 6/27/2019

About the Bandoneon - The bandoneon is the instrument featured in most tango orchestras. It originated in Germany and was intended for religious and popular music. Although the bandoneon was extremely popular, it was never produced in Argentina. In the late 1800s , German and, Italian emigrants and sailors brought the instrument to Argentina. By 1910 they were being produced mostly for the Ar... Read More

Tango – The Ultimate Non Verbal Communication 6/25/2019

Argentine Tango – The Ultimate Non Verbal Communication

Argentine Tango can be thought of as a conversation put to music, a thoughtful back and forth between dancers. The leader suggests and the follower listens and responds. There is no arguing and no shouting (at least we hope not). Each partner takes a turn to contribute to what is created. Most leaders ... Read More

The Embrace 6/23/2010

The Embrace The Tango Embrace is at the heart of the dance and… at the heart of lots of controversy. Ask most folks and they will say there is close embrace and open embrace. That is not really true. There is “CLOSED”, “CLOSE” and “OPEN”. The “CLOSED” embrace is what most people call close embrace or Milonguero Style. (BTW, there is no such ... Read More

Tango Steps 6/21/2019

My thoughts about Tango steps… Most of the time, especially with leaders, we are in search of another step. The next one, the fancier one, the cooler one. But did you ever stop to think that Tango is not about the steps? Sure, we see all the cool stuff good couples do on Youtube and, indeed, it is cool. But the steps are nothing if the couple is not together as... Read More

Tango…A Way of Life 6/20/2019

Many people say that Tango is not a dance, it is way of life. Why is that? First, in order to excel at it, you have to really dedicate yourself to it. Classes, milongas, practicas, privates all play a role in those who see what is possible and choose to dedicate themselves to it. Next, for those who really care, it's about the details. The embrace, the feet, the ... Read More

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