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About Lee

I have been dancing Tango for over 18 years and my journey into this dance has been transformational.

I began dancing at a ballroom studio many years ago. In fact, I met my wife at a Practice Party and got married a few years later. However, with two little children to raise, I didn’t dance for over 10 years while my children grew up. I started dancing, once again, while taking the entire family line dancing.

An anniversary gift of lessons brought me back to the ballroom dance world, and eventually to Tango, studying first with Susan Lake and then at El Mundo del Tango with Ive Simard. After many years as a student and avid participant, I participated in the Argentine Tango Master’s Association (ATMA) teacher’s programs, and graduated several years later.

What began as a love of the tango has become a passion that I love to share. Tango means something different to each of us…the beauty of the music, the freedom of expression, a sense of community. The true joy is in being able to express the music with another human. They say that “You don’t find Tango, Tango finds you!” The expression has never been more true in my case.

I am a Fellow (Gold Level) of the ATMA and have been teaching for over 15 years. I am blessed with an excellent memory and a desire to master the dance. As such, I bring a deep knowledge of patterns, and technique to my students.

I have been teaching Tango, Milonga and Vals for over 15 years and have taken instruction from some of the best instructors in the world. I have taught the Tango, Milonga, Vals, and Pecho syllabusses and, along with my wife, am the only instructors, other than Ive Simard, to teach a course in the Masters series.

About Sandy

Sandy discovered her passion for Argentine Tango during her freshman year of college after taking several different partner dancing classes. She was mesmerized with the precise technique as well as the beautiful little nuances of the dance expressed through the music and positions. She exclusively studied Tango for 2 years before taking a break to focus on her studies. Now that she’s done with graduate school, she’s back to pursing her first love of Argentine Tango with the opportunity to delve deeper into this amazing art form as a teacher

Photograpy by Joe Leitch Photography, www.joeleitch.com , IG @joeleitch23, 971-226-4797

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