Tango Thoughts 7/8/2019

You know you are tango addicted when: * You keep a pair of dance shoes in your car. * You've sold or moved most of your furniture to give yourself practice space. * You make sure you never run out of breath mints or chewing gum. * You copied all your tango music to your office computer and that's all you listen to 9 - 5 * You've danced with one of the biggies and survived. * You own a tang... Read More

Tango Thoughts 7/7/2019

Dealing with Insecurities at a Milonga… It’s not you, it’s everyone. We all feel some level of insecurity going to a milonga. If you’re a lead, there is the chance that a follower might say no. Or maybe you feel like you don’t know very much. If you’re a follower, you might not be asked, or worse yet, you won’t be able to follow the leader if you do get asked. Don’t wor... Read More

Tango Thoughts 7/3/2019

An Introduction to the Music of Tango The origins of Tango are obscure. There are many theories but ultimately it is impossible to discover the facts because the records don't exist. Tango sprang from the poor and the disadvantaged, in tenement blocks and on street corners, amongst people whose lives usually leave little trace in the history books. The earliest evidence of 'tangos' being sun... Read More

Tango Thoughts 7/1/2019

Getting Asked to Dance - About the Cabaceo The Cabeceo Traditionally, the cabeceo is the way that leaders invite followers to dance. Leaders invite followers from a relative distance by catching their eye and motioning with their head. If she would like to accept the invitation she will nod back. If the woman does not want to be invited to dance, she must subtly look the other way or avoid... Read More

Tango Thoughts 6/28/2019

The Structure of a Milonga

Music at a Milonga (tango dance) is arranged into “tandas” and “cortinas”. Tandas are sets of 3 or 4 songs played by one orchestra or songs that are similar in nature. It is polite to dance the full tanda with the same person. However, if you begin dancing part way through a tanda you still end at the cortina. Cortinas are... Read More
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