Lee is an amazing teacher. He shows each move, beginning with the most basic, then slowly builds once you’ve mastered the last. He’s patient, repeating everything again and again until you get it. Five stars!

Christorfo Kirk – Portland, OR

I danced Argentine Tango between 2010-12, then took a break. Now I’m back and taking private lessons with Lee and he’s COMPLETELY RENEWED my PASSION for Argentine Tango, specifically Salon style. His years of experience (15+ I believe) as a teacher is demonstrated in the way he carefully explains the dance to his students and all the fun stylistic things he adds in between. He has really changed my perspective on the dance and reshaped my thinking on what the follower’s role is in the dance! So many things I haven’t thought about before. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate/advanced dancer like myself, Lee is an amazing teacher and will help you realize your full potential in this elegant and passionate dance.

Sandy Ninh – Portland, OR

Lee Sobo is an exceptional teacher. He loves salon-style Argentine tango and immerses one into the heart of the dance when he instructs. Not only does he teach one the steps, the moves of tango, but also its nuances. He’ll work with you on how to listen, how to hold the body, and how to glide across the floor beautifully. As a lead he will sweep you away if you are a follower, or construct confidence in you as a lead.

Lee will help you understand what tango is all about, its wonder, why it locks its leg around you, and won’t let go. I hope you dance.
(This is a long, heart felt testimonial. Click here to read more.)

Maggie Moore – Arcata, CA

Eight years ago, my life partner Paul introduced me to the most beautiful, mysterious dance of all, the tango. I was 56 at the time, thinking that I could never learn this dance. He introduced me to Lee, the instructor. That was the beginning of a brand new life for me. Not only with Paul, but tango. Ever since, I have been studying tango under Lee’s tutelage. Tango was in my blood. It had embraced me to my core. I realized that tango is a standing meditation, a philosophy and a way of life that spoke to me.
I started taking classes and private lessons. Lee created an exceptional learning environment. One of support and encouragement. He has sculpted and guided each step, each movement of mine with extraordinary compassion and patience. He has taken my 29 left feet, lack of coordination, my fear, my desire, and has shaped me into something I thought I could never achieve. A beautiful dancer, a tango dancer.
Thank you Lee, for sharing and giving so much of yourself!!

Kathryn Moses – Arcata, CA

Lee introduced us to tango 5 years ago and for us it has been a life changer. The experience has been rewarding in many ways, both personally and socially. The lessons are well structured and enjoyable and a wonderful dance community has formed that meets regularly for dances and “practicas” where we help each other polish our moves. I would recommend anyone interested in learning this graceful dance form to consider taking classes with Lee. You never know, it just might open up a new and rewarding part of your life!

Greg Jaso – McKinleyville, CA

Do you believe in the phrase “spiritual, not religious”? Do you believe that everything we do can be a meditation of mindfulness? Do you believe “this very moment” is where the magic of life happens? Do you believe relationships are the most important part of a happy and fulfilling life? I know these may sound like “heavy” questions and to some folks they are. However, if these questions make sense to you, then Tango may be as right for you as it has been for me. This testimonial is also about the teacher one chooses. Lee has become a teacher of Sensei caliber. I grieved greatly when he moved away from his home of eight years where he was the driving energy behind Arcata having a thriving tango community. He is an excellent Tango mentor in many ways. His most important teacher qualities for me are his patience, kindness, clarity and attention to details.
He has stuck with me through literally years of my self-doubt that kept me believing that I could not do this thing called Tango. Today, I am a skilled intermediate Tango Leader and I truly have fun out there on the dance floor in addition to satisfying my more philosophical needs as alluded to in my opening sentences.
So, if you are lucky enough to have crossed paths with Lee Sobo and are thinking this thing called Tango just might be worth checking out, listen to that inner voice and hold on for the best ride around!

Bob Billstrom – Arcata, CA

Ten years ago on a beautiful Saturday night Milonga, I met Lee Sobo. I was very new to Tango, and was intrigued by his grace while dancing, plus
his masterful way of doing the steps while at the same time keeping a quiet meditative presence. It was then I began my studies with Lee at his classes and privates in his studio at his home.
One of the most important things I learned from Lee was the love of Tango from a spiritual perspective, in that he viewed Tango as a type of meditation
while dancing. The steps are in the Tango, but the steps are not the Tango. A few simple chords in the hands of a master are more beautiful than a thousand played with very little interpretation or patience. A good pause in Tango is as dramatic, or more so than all of the steps slurred together. Also feeling the music in your very soul is at the heart of Tango.
I will continue to study Tango as long as I have the strength to walk, and pause somewhat gracefully thanks to Lee Sobo.

Paul Moses – Arcata, California

After years of social dancing, my husband and I stepped into a molinete and back-ochoed into the world of tango. We haven’t looked back. We continually ask ourselves, “Why does this dance keep luring us forward?” Maybe it’s the dichotomy between strength and relaxation, passion and meditation, leading and following, fast or slow, movement or pause, painting the music. Perhaps it’s the complexity at any level of dancing with the anticipation of learning more. Likely, it’s the community of fellow tango students who folded us into a world of elegance and the shared struggle of learning to be elegant. We love the grace and beauty of tango.

Wendy Turk – Arcata, CA

Lee is an amazing teacher with not only AMAZING moves and talent but with a great amount knowledge and passion for this dance! They are extremely patient and thorough and there is NEVER EVER a dull moment in class. Tango only becomes more fascinating the more we learn and practice it. Tango is not only a beautiful dance, it is a philosphy and an attitude. Thanks Lee for all your help and devotion to us students and we can’t wait to see you at our next class.

Susanah Barr – Arcata, CA

I was introduced to Argentine tango at a free, one-hour tango lesson. Despite such limited instruction, I was able to dance for 3 hours at a Halloween Milonga, where the participants accepted my simple abilities, never refused a request to dance, and provided great encouragement to continue. I had never danced before, except in high school, where I found I had two left feet and poor musical coordination, which lead to a fear of embarrassment. Barbara and Lee have created an extraordinary, supportive learning environment where students can practice with partners of every aptitude. After five months of classes, I am preparing to present my new found knowledge at a student showcase performance. Due to their expert instruction, I feel excited and confident in my skills, attend as many dances as possible, and am preparing for a trip to Buenos Aires. I think a big part of their success lies in the teaching environment they created, which requires patience, acceptance, and social interaction. I recommend Lee to all those people, like myself, who always wanted to dance but were afraid it would take too long, or be too difficult, to try.

Walter Dragaloski – Arcata, CA

For years I’ve wanted to learn tango. Like a mystical experience just out of reach, it beckoned through music and occasional glimpses of couples embracing and moving in a breathtaking elegance. Finally I got up the courage to join a group class. Since then, I’ve participated in many group classes (provided by the excellent teachers we are fortunate to have in our rural area), gone to workshops, taken private lessons. Unlike so many enticing activities, tango has proven to be more than what it promised. I’m addicted to the dance and the purpose and beauty it has created in my life. When I walk down the street, I’m moving with tango in my blood. I molinete around my shopping cart. I practice steps as I wait for the light to change. As humans we can create beauty with the shapes we make as we dance–and they’re always changing. There is no end to the complexity of this dance—the lessons in movement, balance, focus, and how your own body relates to your partner’s in a graceful, wordless, passionate conversation. Oh, I forgot to mention that it’s a lot of fun.

Catherine Valentine, Bayside, CA

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