About leading and following 7/19/2019

Thoughts about leading and following

Most people (even experienced dancers) think that the leader always leads and that the follower always follows. Oh, but not in Argentine Tango when it is being done correctly

It turns out that any time a follower is doing any part of a molinete (which they are most of the time), the follower is the leader and leader is following the follower. Confusing?

You know the molinete, front, side, back, side pattern? This can be done either to the right or to the left. But, during the molinete, any time the follower is going backward; the leader can make back ochos. Also, anytime the follower is going forward, the leader can make front ochos. So, that means, that when a follower is doing ochos, front or back, or a molinete, she has the lead.

What does that mean? The follower has the responsibility of listening to the music and making sure she is on the beat. The leader keeps time with her, but when he is ready, he can change her direction or stop her (assuming the follower is a female). Keep in mind that during this time, the leader is in the center and she is going around him, so he is doing very little except keeping time.

So, followers, if you want to be able to do more than just respond during a dance, Argentine Tango is for you!

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