So, Who is Homero Manzi 8/16/2019

Homero Manzi (November 1, 1907 – May 3, 1951) was a poet, Tango lyricist and author of several famous tangos.

Born in 1907 in Argentina. Manzi was interested in literature and tango from a young age. After working in journalism for a short time, he worked as a literature and Spanish professor. However, due to his politics, he was expelled from his position and dedicated himself to the arts.

Manzi’s rich and extensive production includes a number of outstanding tangos, known mainly for their quality. Some of them are “Abandono”, “Malena”, “Solamente ella”, “Mañana zarpa un barco”, “Tal vez será su voz”, “Recién”, “En un rincón”, “Fueye”, “Manoblanca” , “Romántica”, “Romance de barrio”, “El último organito”, and “Che bandonéon”.

The early death of the poet was caused by cancer on Thursday, May 3, 1951.

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