Tango…A Way of Life 6/20/2019

Many people say that Tango is not a dance, it is way of life. Why is that?

First, in order to excel at it, you have to really dedicate yourself to it. Classes, milongas, practicas, privates all play a role in those who see what is possible and choose to dedicate themselves to it.

Next, for those who really care, it’s about the details. The embrace, the feet, the knees, the head position. The details really matter as in life!

Last, the philosophies expoused by the art of Tango apply as in life. There are so many analogies.. i.e. – you will get out of it what you put into it, or my favorite… It is hard to dance Tango correctly. It is even harder to dance it incorrectly.

So, if you’re considering if this is for you, join a Free Intro class and see. If you embrace it, it will give back to you many times over! Tango in Portland.


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