Tango Steps 6/21/2019

My thoughts about Tango steps…

Most of the time, especially with leaders, we are in search of another step. The next one, the fancier one, the cooler one.

But did you ever stop to think that Tango is not about the steps? Sure, we see all the cool stuff good couples do on Youtube and, indeed, it is cool. But the steps are nothing if the couple is not together as a unit.

My long time teacher, Maestro Ive Simard (www.elmundodeltango.com) use to say “Tango is not the steps. Tango is inside of the steps”.

What did he mean? He meant that it’s not so much what you do, it’s how you do it. Is the couple together? Do they form a frame? Are the legs nicely shaped or all bent and weird. Are they connected to the music? Are they feeling it and expressing it nicely?

Steps are nice, but each step is just another way to express the music. Better to express the music nicely with less steps than terrible with more.

So, the next time you are learning a new step, try to find the Tango inside the step.

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